Looking for something new, refreshing, unique and delicious for your next event?

Well, we have just the thing.

Lux Icery specializes in handcrafted all-natural frozen cocktails.

All of our icy treats are made with fresh all-natural ingredients, herbs, spices and top-shelf spirits.  We can customize recipes/drink names to suit the ambiance/theme of your event or brand.

The spiked frozen fruit cups are also available wholesale. Looking for a new product for to sell poolside, at the golf course or for an event? We can create as many as you like and deliver them packaged, chilled and ready to sell.

With something for every palette or occasion, Lux Icery is a fine addition to

any special event, wedding, gala or festival.


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Lux Cups are all natural frozen cocktails, made with fresh fruits, spices, herbs and premium spirits. 

  • Perfect cocktail for special events, poolside or just to chill out

  • Great for arenas, stadiums, golf tournaments, speedways and festivals!

  • Lux Cups are available to purchase wholesale and eventually for online purchase

Initial Flavors:

Cherry Bomb - Cherry Limeade

Raspberry Beret - Raspberry Ginger

Peachy Sweet Tease - Peach Tea

Piña-Coolada - Pineapple Coconut

Orange Lush - Orange Vanilla


They said it couldn’t be done.  They said the alcohol would melt the ice too fast and create mush.

“Ah, is that so?”

The seed was planted.

We spent nearly six months dabbling with a variety of different recipes, ingredients and techniques until the perfect combination was created. There sat a stunning frozen cocktail that was delicious, refreshing, and had the perfect texture.  We did it!!

What started as a hobby became an obsession.  An obsession became a business.  The business cultivates fun and joy wherever we go.

Hello, world.  We are Lux Icery. We create cool craft cocktails for the masses. Watch for us at an event near you! 

Lux Icery is here to bring something truly innovative, refreshing and fun to any event.

Concession Cocktails: Re-Imagined! 



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